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JIDEP is a digital space where industrial data is available for sharing and connecting manufacturers from different sectors into a collaborative, mutually beneficial knowledge and data-sharing relationship.






This project builds upon the principles of Industry 4.0 by adopting a coherent approach to semantic communication between diverse actors, aiming to make both direct and indirect contributions to the EU climate neutrality goals of 2050.


JIDEP is a landing place for any organisation that has a data challenge to be addressed on its journey toward delivering a more sustainable material, product, service, or solution. The JIDEP tools will help organisations to unlock the value of data, leading to the development of more sustainable solutions, technologies, and materials.

The JIDEP platform will be designed to cover the entire product life cycle and assist in steering it toward circular standards implementation at both technological and regulatory levels. While the JIDEP architecture and design principles are industry-agnostic, the implementation of JIDEP in the project will focus on composite materials and Printed Circuit Board (PCB). 

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