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Established in 1993, Zorlu Enerji is an international integrated energy company based on Turkey which has more than 25 years of experience in electricity generation and distribution from renewable energy sources, including geothermal power, solar power, wind power, hydro power.


Zorlu Enerji total installed capacity is 991 MW. There are 4 geothermal powerplants, 7 hydroelectric power plants, 2 wind farms and 1 solar power plant. Beside these areas, with its ZES brand, the company aims to accelerate popularisation of electric vehicles and to facilitate the travels of electric vehicle owners in Turkey with several rapid charging stations (more than 2000 ev socket) commissioned in city roads and highways.

Zorlu Enerji has been carrying out R&D projects since 2018 and now it has 6 ongoing funded projects (4 Horizon2020, 1 Horizon Europe and 1 EraNet) and 2 completed projects (1 EraNet-Act and 1 Eurogia2020) in cooperation with more than 100 partners from 20 different countries. Digitalisation, O&M optimisation, predictive & preventive maintenance, green hydrogen, lithium extraction, energy storage technologies and ccus could be some examples for research areas of R&D projects. Zorlu also support the development of the academic literature in its field by sharing project outputs into 8 scientific publications in 4 years.

Zorlu Enerji is utilising high-capacity production power, qualified human resources, well balanced portfolio, diversity of sources and capability of creating innovative solutions to be a perpetual and leading part of the global energy transformation.

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